Are you a business?

Conditions for professionals

If you have a store, a hotel business, a catering business, etc., and you are interested in the Alicante products that we commercialize, count on us. We put all the facilities so that you can have access to those references that interest you. In addition, as we are official distributors of many of the typical products of Alicante that you can see on our website, we assure you competitive prices. Do you want to know how we work?

  1. We have distribution in Madrid, so if your business is located here, we can arrange an appointment with you to come and see all the details quietly. However, if you are outside Madrid, don’t worry, we have customers in other cities of the Peninsula, contact us!
  2. There are no minimum orders. We are very flexible. This allows you to work without having to make high investments or store large quantities of product.
  3. We do tastings at the point of sale to promote the product, offering a value-added service for your customers and, consequently, for your business.
  4. We make it as easy as possible to pay by bank transfer, bank draft, deferred payment, etc.

Corporate gifts

In case you are interested in gift baskets for companies, congresses, events, Christmas baskets, etc., just contact us so that we can advise you, looking for the most suitable typical products of Alicante for your needs, and adjusting budgets to the maximum.