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Fondillón of Alicante: A historical wine

The Fondillón of Alicante is a unique wine in the world for its history and elaboration 5th centuries ago. This special wine, Fondillón, only can make in Alicante and the organism that regulate its elaboration is the Denomination of Origin of Alicante Wines (DOP). The Fondillón should meet four requeriments:
  • Production just in Alicante.
  • Monastrell grape variety.
  • Aged in old oak barrels from Alicante (1900 – 1950) during more than 10 years. The best Fondillon wines are aged 50 years or more.
  • Minimum 16 degrees of natural alcohol, not added, such as, Oporto wines.
  But, why in Alicante? The weather in Alicante is a key factor for the emergence of Fondillón 5th centuries ago. A dry winters with little rain and warm weather where the monastrell grape finds the best climax to concentrate the natural sugars which will be alcohol (degrees) after fermentation. Never, the alcohol is added.   The Fondillón of Alicante received the award for ‘Best Wine of Spain 2020’.

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