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Jarabe de Palo red vermouth


Jarabe de Palo red vermouth – 75 cl

100% Muscat of Alexandria

Jarabe de Palo red vermouth is made from the Muscat of Alexandria grape variety, which, carefully macerated with selected herbs using an ancient recipe inherited from medieval times and improved to the present day, gives rise to a unique vermouth.

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Jarabe de Palo red vermouth


Vineyard and Winemaking


Jarabe de Palo red vermouth is made with the Muscat of Alexandria grape variety, which carefully macerated with selected herbs using an ancient recipe inherited from medieval times and improved until today gives rise to a UNIQUE VERMUT. This Vermouth exhibits aromas and flavors of toast with hints of vanilla provided by the American oak infusion stoppers, achieving a perfect balance with a background of grapes and raisins from the most renowned Muscat vineyard area in the world. Teulada / Alicante / Spain.

Jarabe de Palo is made in the heart of the Marina Alta, with Muscat liqueur wines from the Roman Muscat grape also known as Alexandria grape, where our microclimate allows it to reach an optimal degree of maturation resulting in a highly appreciated and highly recognized product.


The Stick

Jarabe de Palo vermouth is the first in the world to incorporate oak maceration in the bottle, improving the organoleptic qualities. These qualities vary according to the botanical source of the wood, its origin, weight and the intensity of the toasting applied.

Oak Master closures are characterized mainly by their antioxidant properties, thanks to their ellagic tannin content, improving the structure of the wine by increasing the sensation of volume in the mouth, adding sweetness thanks to the oak polysaccharides and helping to preserve the varietal characteristics of the primary notes together with the complexity of the toasted oak.



Technical Data Sheet


Winery: Bodegas Antonio Llobell and Jarabe de Palo Wines

Brand: Jarabe de Palo

D.O.: Alicante

Type: Red

Alcohol: 15% vol.

Variety: 100% Muscat of Alexandria

Volume: 75 cl

Sulphites: Yes


Tasting and Pairing


Sight: Mahogany color with some reddish reflections.

Nose: It presents an intense and very fresh aroma to the muscatel grape with which this vermouth is elaborated and to the botanical extracts such as wormwood, gentian, cinnamon or chalky díctamo. The integration with the French oak wood notes of the stopper and the balsamic background present is total.

Mouth: The palate is sweet and fresh, with persistent aromatic plants, spices and toasted notes of wood, and ending with subtly bitter notes, all resulting in a perfectly balanced and unique whole.

Pairing: Perfect to drink with all kinds of appetizers such as canned, salted or roasted nuts.

Service temperature: Serve chilled over ice in a wide glass. Optional with an orange peel or a peel and a few drops of natural lemon.


The Winery


JARABE DE PALO WINES are the new liqueur wines from the Marina Alta, White Vermouth, Red Vermouth and Mistela. UNIQUE liqueur wines from old vines of Muscat of Alexandria. Certified by the Alicante D.O., these exclusive wines are the result of the close collaboration between Bodegas Antonio Llobell, winemaker Víctor Martín and Macaulay & Cumming with its differentiating contribution Oak Master in the cork.

According to Víctor Martín, JARABE DE PALO Vermouths and Mistela are the culmination of a laborious R&D process together with a development that goes beyond the usual, the ordinary and the “more of the same”. The maceration of the highest quality toasted oak from the Gangutia Cooperage provides this “quintessence” so that each bottle of Vermouth and Mistela is UNIQUE, ORIGINAL and UNREPEATABLE.

JARABE DE PALO vermouths are the first in Spain to incorporate oak maceration in the bottle, having previously developed the experience in Israel with fortified wines, José Cabrera describes that “the aromas, flavors and color provided by Oak Master oak in the production of JARABE DE PALO liqueur wines complement the organoleptic qualities of these already exceptional wines, giving them the category of “UNIQUE BOTTLE”.


Bodegas Jarabe de Palo

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Weight 1400 g


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