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The Delicate Coupage Señoríos de Relleu Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a coupage (blend) of Arbequina olives and five varieties of olives that are native to the area. Its contrasting flavours – fruitiness with bitter and spicy touches – make it a very balanced oil.

Its smooth, fresh and delicate fruity flavour also encompasses the aromas of grass, green almond and green leaves. These are complemented by touches of fresh wood and hay. Digging deeper into its subtleties, we discover figs, tomatoes and nuts, which make this oil a delicate delight that will please the most demanding palates.


Production area: Alicante

Altitude: 429 m above seam level

Varieties: Manzanilla Villalonga, Arbequina, Blanqueta, Changlot Real, Picual, Alfafara and Genovesa

Collection System: Manual vibration

Acidity: 0,1º

Container: Aluminum bottle

Capacity: 500 ml

Location and Terrain

The Masia Teuladi farmhouse, built in 1918, is only 10 km from the sea and nestles in a valley of almond groves and Aleppo pines, where gentle Mediterranean breezes take the edge off the often harsh mountain weather.

Here, among the terraces, is where Eliseo and Hugo set up Señoríos de Relleu. The chalky clay loam soil found in this area makes this the perfect spot for growing native varieties such as Manzanilla Villalonga, Blanqueta, Changlot Real, Alfafara and Genovesa alongside the highly prized Arbequina variety.


To fully preserve the first-class nutritional and sensory properties of EVOO, Señorios Relleu decided to produce an innovative unbreakable, lightweight, hardwearing, recyclable and easy to use aluminium bottle that protects its contents from direct light.

This naïve-art style aluminium bottle designed by Paula Alenda shows the people who founded Señorios de Relleu, the mountains, the Mediterranean, the Finca Teuladi, the oil press and of course the olive trees and their fruit, whose delicious juice it contains.


International Contest “EVOOLEUM World’s Top100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils”. February 2017. Within the Top 100 of the best oils in the world.

In New York International Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2.016 (New York), April, 2016, have been awarded with a Gold Medal to the Intense coupage.

Great Prestige Gold in the International Contest “Terraolivo 2.016” Israel June, 2016, to the coupage Medium, thus being recognized as one of the best oils in the world.

Olio Officina Festival 2.016 “in Milan. January 2016, in its first participation in this prestigious competition, have been awarded with a Le Forme Dell’olio Award in the category of Packaging.

Silver Medal “in the Olive Japan 2.016 Competition” Japan. May, 2016, to Delicate coupage.

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